Heerlijk liedje van Shahin Najafi. Deze Iraanse man maakt korte metten met de BBC in zijn liedje.

    BBBBC (Granny BBC)*

    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC
    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC

    Dear BBBBC, Imam’s image is in the moon
    Their path is to the pit and your path is to the well
    Dear BBBBC, O Thatcher’s trumpet
    O the news merchant! You also buy forged ones
    Our fate was blood in the street gutter
    It went bad for us, it was good for you
    Baton did not make a sound, we took it, Bon Appétit
    You, run over corpses with your headline
    Leave us alone with our pain and agony
    O the kind wolf in sheepskin
    Our outcry and gloom is from blood and exhaustion
    What is the voice of England’s obeyed government to us

    Unlike you we are never neutral
    We are naked like the wind but we are not honorless

    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC
    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC

    I did something that from each collar hundreds like me are sticking out
    The game’s pulse is in our hand and
    I’m still standing on the principle and
    My drunken horse is a danger taker
    That gun is my tongue and blade is in the mouth
    Every word in my poems becomes queen in the minds
    how could sky forget queen’s crimes
    I didn’t even pay ransom to bigger ones than you
    Whatever happened to our generation is still in my memory
    You are news aberration and wrote nonsense
    You made business with people’s money
    What happened; Sattar Beheshti didn’t have bread for you
    Our work from heart and instinct has audiences
    But you are sick in the brain, brains have fever
    I see your hands on testicles with resentment, brain menstruation and news AIDS

    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC
    Dear BBBBC BBB
    Dear BBBBC


    *BB: Granny in Persian – BB BBC: Granny BBC


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