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    http://media5.picsearch.com/is?t6baQDXof1McdXq3eSZltbobgzG2zSM5XN-Uf9T-uMU&height=238" alt="chandigarh lawyer" title="chandigarh lawyer (c) tribuneindia.com" style="max-width:400px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px">997 rendered gratuitously or for a prescribed compensation where there is neither express or implied understanding that additional compensation may be granted. 2 is also a member of its Executive Committee. (3) Whether the legend inclusive of taxes found on the packets of Dharwad and non-Dharwad tea, the distinction as such being lost on the consumer, whether it cannot be said that taxes are inclined and collected on the tax exempted tea.

    The Chamber of Commerce, Hapur, is a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act with its registered office at Hapur. There is one more aspect which needs to be noted. P-21 Roznamacha and thereafter the Station House Officer with police party proceeded towards the scene. This Court in Directorate Of Revenue Om Prakash Singh v. in Company Headquarters. The members of the Chamber carry on business in foodgrains including pulses both on ready and forward basis.

    It has also been held that the power to pardon rests on the advice tendered by the Executive to the President who, subject to the provisions of Article 74(1), must act in accordance with the advice. At about 1800 hours, witness No. The procedure prescribed by the Act for making the investigation under its provisions is of a summary and drastic nature. In this context, the larger Bench ruled thus:- The manner of consideration of the petition lies within the discretion of the President, and it is for him to decide how best he can acquaint himself with all the information that is necessary for its proper and http://empati.kim/index.php?qa=130142&qa_1=simranlaw-a-simple-key-for-chandigarh-advocate-unveiled">Advocates in Chandigarh effective disposal.

    The matter lies entirely within his discretion. The Chamber acts as a clearing agent for a commission and guarantees the performance of forward contracts by its members upon payment of margin money according to the rules. As regards the considerations to be http://empati.kim/index.php?qa=150223&qa_1=simranjeet-law-associates-a-review-of-chandigarh-advocate">Advocates in Chandigarh applied by the President to the petition, we need say nothing more as the law in this behalf has already been laid down by this Court in Maru Ram (supra). There are about 200 members of Advocates">http://www.tameemcar.com/vb/entry.php?29174-SimranLaw-Little-Known-Facts-About-Chandigarh-Advocate'>Advocates in Chandigarh this Chamber of Commerce including petitioners Nos.

    When search is conducted after recording information under Section 42(1), the provisions of Section 42 has to be complied with. Dealing with the justiciability of exercise of power under Article 72, the Court after due deliberation ruled that the question as to the area of the Presidents power under Article 72 falls squarely within the judicial domain and can be examined by the court by way of judicial review. According to the medical certificate, he had consumed liquor(wine). Thereafter at about 2030 hours, he was taken to .

    Singa Reddys Civil Hospital, where his medical examination was got conducted. The substantial differences in the normal procedure of the Income-tax Act for catching escaped income and in the procedure prescribed by Act XXX of 1947, were fully discussed by this Court Advocates in http://slachd.com/articles/">Chandigarh Lawyers, https://simranlaw.com/mining/">updated blog post, Suraj Mal Mohta v. 4 with one Section handed over it to C. On receiving information about this at Platoon, witness No. In Kehar Singh (supra) the Constitution Bench opined that the power to pardon is a part of the constitutional scheme and it should be so treated in the Indian Republic.

    Therefore, the act on his part is against the worthy orders and discipline of the Force. ” This imports the conception that even though the payment be not strictly due to the recipient nor legally enforceable by him, a claim to the same may be laid by the employee under certain conditions and if such claim is entertained either by an agreement with the employer or by adjudication before a properly constituted Tribunal -as on an industrial dispute arising, the same would ripen into a legally enforceable claim.

    The present is not a case where the Station House Officer suddenly carried out search at a public place. It constitutes a departure from the ordinary law of procedure and in certain important aspects is detrimental to the persons subjected to it and as such is discriminatory. resident and Petitioner No. The High Court to appreciate the controversy framed the following three questions of law:- (1) Whether the consideration of sales tax in fixing the price of the goods and sale of such goods along with identical goods on which taxes are collected along with the price has not resulted in an implied collection of tax in respect of such sales tax exempted goods?

    The Court further observed that it is a constitutional responsibility of great significance, to be exercised when occasion arises in accordance with the discretion contemplated by the context. The President may consider sufficient the information furnished before him in the first instance or he may send for further material relevant to the issues which he considers pertinent, and he may, if he considers it will assist him in treating with the petition, give an oral hearing to the parties.

    The Station House Officer in his statement has also come up with the facts and case to prove compliance of Section 42. The present is a case where prosecution himself has come with case that secret information was received from informer which information was recorded in Exh. 2,5 and Constable Nawaj Ahmad brought him from the market under influence of liquor at about 1500 hours. (2) Whether the assessee who produces identical products, one which is exempt from sales tax and one which sales tax is payable, both being priced on par and sold off the same shelf, could not lead to the presumption that there is a deemed collection and inclusion of sales tax in the price fixed?


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